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What do my cPanel stats mean?

In cPanel, the statistics section provides various metrics and information about your hosting account and website. Here are some common statistics and what they typically mean:

Main Domain: The primary domain name associated with your cPanel account.
Home Directory: The physical location of your files on the server.
Disk Space Usage: How much data is being stored on the server.
Monthly Bandwidth Transfer: How much data has been transferred on your account
Email Accounts: The number of email accounts allowed.
Subdomains: The number of subdomains (sub1.yourdomain.com) allowed.
Parked Domains: The number of allowed parked domains.
Addon Domains: The number of allowed addon domains.
FTP Accounts: The number of allowed FTP Accounts.
SQL Databases: The number of allowed MySQL databases.
Mailing Lists: The number of allowed mailing lists.
MySQL Disk Space: Amount of space being used by your MySQL databases.
Hosting package: The name of the hosting package your account is assigned to on the server.
Server Name: The name of the server your account resides on.
cPanel Version: Version of cPanel installed on the server.
Theme: Current theme for your cPanel configuration.
Apache version: Version of Apache running on the webserver.
PHP version: Version of PHP installed on the webserver.
MySQL Version: Version of MySQL installed on the webserver.
Architecture: Hardware type (32/64 bit) the server runs on.
Operating system: Operating System installed on the server.
Dedicated IP Address: If assigned, the dedicated IP for your account.

These statistics can vary slightly depending on your hosting provider and the specific features they offer. Regularly monitoring these statistics can help you manage and optimize your website’s performance, identify resource usage patterns, and stay within any limitations set by your hosting plan. If you have specific questions about any of these stats, it’s recommended to check with your hosting provider’s support or documentation for more details.