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What are the Main Softaculous applications?

Softaculous provides a vast library of applications covering various categories, including content management systems (CMS), e-commerce platforms, forums, blogs, and more. While the library is extensive and continually expanding, here are some of the main and popular applications available through Softaculous:

  1. WordPress:
    • Description: A widely-used CMS for blogging and general website content. Highly customizable with a large community.
  2. Joomla:
    • Description: A powerful and flexible CMS suitable for building various types of websites and applications.
  3. Drupal:
    • Description: A robust and extensible CMS known for its flexibility and scalability, suitable for complex web projects.
  4. Magento:
    • Description: Feature-rich e-commerce platform for building online stores with advanced features.
  5. PrestaShop:
    • Description: Open-source e-commerce solution with a user-friendly interface for creating online stores.
  6. OpenCart:
    • Description: Lightweight and easy-to-use e-commerce platform designed for online stores.
  7. phpBB:
    • Description: Popular open-source forum software, offering a feature-rich and customizable forum experience.
  8. MyBB:
    • Description: Free and intuitive forum solution with a user-friendly interface.
  9. Simple Machines Forum (SMF):
    • Description: Community-driven forum software with features suitable for online communities.
  10. MediaWiki:
    • Description: Wiki platform that powers Wikipedia, designed for collaborative content creation.
  11. DokuWiki:
    • Description: Simple and versatile wiki platform with a focus on ease of use and text-based storage.
  12. Elgg:
    • Description: Open-source social networking engine for building social platforms and communities.
  13. OXwall:
    • Description: Flexible and extensible social networking software suitable for creating social communities.
  14. Feng Office:
    • Description: Collaborative platform for project management and task tracking.
  15. qdPM:
    • Description: Open-source project management tool designed for efficient project planning and collaboration.
  16. SuiteCRM:
    • Description: Open-source CRM solution with features for managing customer relationships and sales.
  17. EspoCRM:
    • Description: User-friendly and customizable CRM platform for managing customer interactions.
  18. Moodle:
    • Description: Widely-used learning management system (LMS) for creating and managing educational courses.
  19. Chamilo:
    • Description: E-learning and collaboration platform suitable for educational institutions and businesses.
  20. ownCloud:
    • Description: Self-hosted file sync and share solution, providing secure cloud storage and collaboration features.
  21. Nextcloud:
    • Description: Powerful file hosting and collaboration platform with features for teams and organizations.
  22. phpList:
    • Description: Open-source email marketing and newsletter management software.
  23. MantisBT:
    • Description: Open-source bug tracking system designed for software development projects.
  24. phpMyAdmin:
    • Description: Web-based interface for managing MySQL databases, allowing users to interact with databases.
  25. Matomo:
    • Description: Open-source web analytics platform for tracking and analyzing website traffic and user behavior.
  26. LimeSurvey:
    • Description: Open-source survey application for creating and managing online surveys.
  27. phpBB:
    • Description: Feature-rich and customizable open-source forum software.
  28. Dolibarr:
    • Description: Open-source ERP and CRM software for managing business processes.
  29. Revive Adserver:
    • Description: Open-source ad serving platform for managing and delivering online advertising.
  30. Open Web Analytics (OWA):
    • Description: Open-source web analytics software for tracking and analyzing website visitors.
  31. Ghost:
    • Description: Modern and open-source CMS for professional publishing and blogging.
  32. Concrete5:
    • Description: User-friendly CMS with in-context editing and a focus on ease of use.
  33. Contao:
    • Description: Open-source CMS for creating and managing websites with a strong focus on accessibility.
  34. Zurmo:
    • Description: Open-source CRM application with gamification features for managing customer relationships.
  35. phpDocumentor:
    • Description: Documentation generator for PHP code, facilitating the creation of project documentation.
  36. TaskFreak!:
    • Description: Open-source task management and project planning application.
  37. Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware:
    • Description: All-in-one open-source wiki, CMS, and groupware platform with extensive features.
  38. osTicket:
    • Description: Open-source help desk and support ticket system for managing customer inquiries.
  39. Dolibarr:
    • Description: Open-source ERP and CRM software for managing business processes.
  40. FrontAccounting:
    • Description: Open-source accounting system for managing financial records and transactions.

These are just a selection of the many applications available through Softaculous. The library includes hundreds of scripts covering a wide range of functionalities, and the popularity of applications may vary based on user preferences and project requirements. Keep in mind that Softaculous regularly updates its library, so new applications may be added over time.

These applications cover a wide range of functionalities, from content management and e-commerce to forums, social networking, project management, and more. The choice of application depends on the specific requirements and goals of your website or project.