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How do I configure hotlink protection?

Hotlink protection is a technique used to prevent other websites from directly linking to your website’s files, such as images or videos. This can help you save bandwidth and resources, as well as maintain control over your content. The process of configuring hotlink protection may vary depending on your web hosting platform. Below are general steps that should guide you, but keep in mind that the specific steps might differ based on your hosting provider.

1. Access your hosting control panel: Log in to your web hosting control panel. This is typically done through a web browser and may be provided by your hosting provider.

2. Find the “Hotlink Protection” or similar option: Look for an option labeled “Hotlink Protection” or something similar. It is usually located in the “Security” or “File Management” section of your hosting control panel.

3. Enable hotlink protection: Once you’ve located the hotlink protection option, enable it. You may need to specify the file types you want to protect (e.g., images, videos).

4. Configure allowed domains (optional): Some hotlink protection settings allow you to specify domains that are allowed to hotlink to your content. If you want to allow certain websites to use your files, enter their domain names in the allowed list.

5. Set up a custom error message (optional): You can set up a custom error message to be displayed when someone tries to hotlink to your content. This step is optional, but it can help communicate to users why the content is not loading.

6. Save your changes: After configuring the hotlink protection settings, save your changes.

7. Test hotlink protection: To ensure that hotlink protection is working as expected, try accessing your files directly from a browser or by linking from another website. The protected files should not load if hotlinking is properly configured.

Please note that the exact steps and options might differ depending on your hosting provider. If you’re having trouble finding or configuring hotlink protection, consult your hosting provider’s documentation or support for assistance.