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How do I block an IP address from accessing my site?

Enhancing Website Security: Comprehensive Steps to Block IP Addresses

If you find the necessity to prohibit a user’s access to your website for any reason, implementing an IP address block is a robust security measure. Follow these detailed steps to seamlessly execute this protective action:

  1. Login to cPanel: Initiate the process by securely logging into your cPanel account. Utilize your designated login credentials to access the hosting control panel, ensuring a protected environment for configuration.
  2. Locate and Access “IP Deny Manager”: Navigate through the cPanel interface to find the “IP Deny Manager” icon. Situated within the “Security” category, this feature serves as the central hub for managing IP-related security configurations.
  3. Specify the Target IP Address or Range: Within the “IP Deny Manager,” precisely input the specific IP address or define a range of IP addresses that you aim to block. This meticulous step allows you to tailor the restriction to your exact requirements.
  4. Initiate Blocking Action – Click “Add”: After inputting the targeted IP information, solidify the security measure by clicking the “Add” button. This action effectively implements the block, preventing the specified IP address or range from accessing your website.

By methodically adhering to these steps, you fortify your website’s security posture by proactively hindering designated IP addresses. This comprehensive process ensures a heightened level of protection, mitigating the risk of unwanted or potentially harmful access to your online platform.