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What is Image Handlers Image Manager in cPanel?

There isn’t a specific feature named “Image Handlers Image Manager” in cPanel. It’s possible that the term or feature has been introduced or updated after that time, or it might be specific to certain cPanel installations or custom configurations by hosting providers.

However, cPanel does provide an “Images” section in the cPanel interface that allows users to manage and manipulate images. This section typically includes tools like “Image Manager” or “Images” where users can perform actions such as:

  1. Thumbnailer:
    • Creating and managing thumbnails for images.
  2. Convert Image Format:
    • Converting images from one format to another (e.g., from JPEG to PNG).
  3. Simple Image Editor:
    • Basic image editing functions such as resizing, rotating, and cropping.
  4. Image Scaler:
    • Scaling images to different dimensions.

These features can be useful for website owners and developers who want to handle basic image-related tasks without using external image editing software.

If “Image Handlers Image Manager” is a specific feature provided by your hosting provider or a term used in a particular cPanel theme, it’s recommended to refer to the documentation provided by your hosting provider or check the specific cPanel interface you are using for detailed information and instructions. Alternatively, you can contact your hosting provider’s support for clarification on the features available in your cPanel environment.