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What is an addon domain?

An addon domain is a fully functional domain that is added to an existing web hosting account, allowing you to host multiple independent websites under a single hosting plan. With addon domains, you can manage and maintain separate websites, each with its own content and distinct web address, all within the same hosting account.

Here are key points about addon domains:

  1. Multiple Websites on One Hosting Account:
    • An addon domain enables you to host more than one website using a single hosting account. This is useful if you have multiple projects or websites that you want to manage from a central location.
  2. Distinct Web Addresses:
    • Each addon domain has its own unique web address (e.g., www.example2.com), separate from the primary domain associated with the hosting account.
  3. Independent File Structure:
    • Addon domains have their own directory within the server’s file structure. This means that the files for each website are organized separately, allowing for clear separation of content.
  4. Separate Email Accounts:
    • Addon domains typically support the creation of independent email accounts associated with each domain. For example, you can have email addresses like info@example2.com for the addon domain.
  5. Domain Registrar Configuration:
    • To set up an addon domain, you need to configure the domain’s DNS settings to point to the same hosting server. This is usually done through the domain registrar’s control panel.
  6. Web Server Configuration:
    • The web server hosting your websites needs to be configured to recognize and serve content for each addon domain. This is often done through the hosting provider’s control panel.
  7. Common Use Cases:
    • Addon domains are commonly used by website owners who want to manage multiple websites under a single hosting account. This can be for personal projects, business ventures, or client websites.
  8. Separate Content and Settings:
    • Each addon domain operates independently, allowing you to install different content management systems (CMS), customize settings, and manage website files without affecting other addon domains or the primary domain.

It’s important to note that the number of addon domains you can add to a hosting account may be limited by your hosting plan. Additionally, the concept of addon domains may vary slightly between different hosting providers, so it’s advisable to refer to your hosting provider’s documentation or support for specific instructions and limitations.