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What are functions in your Client Interface?

HZMFR uses WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution), a popular client management and billing platform used by web hosting businesses. The client interface in WHMCS provides various functions for users and clients. Here are some common functions you might find in the client interface of HZMFR:

  1. Dashboard:
    • Overview of account status, recent transactions, and important notifications.
  2. Profile Management:
    • Edit contact details.
    • Change passwords.
    • Manage billing and payment information.
  3. Products/Services:
    • View and manage purchased hosting plans, domains, and other services.
    • Access details about each product or service.
  4. Invoices and Billing:
    • View and pay invoices.
    • Access billing history and transaction details.
    • Set up and manage automated payment methods.
  5. Support Tickets:
    • Submit and track support tickets for assistance.
    • Communicate with the support team.
  6. Knowledge Base:
    • Access a database of articles and information for self-help.
  7. Domain Management:
    • Register new domains.
    • Manage existing domain settings.
    • View domain expiration dates.
  8. Ordering and Upgrades:
    • Place new orders for additional services.
    • Upgrade or downgrade existing services.
  9. Affiliate Program:
    • Access information about the affiliate program.
    • Monitor affiliate earnings and referrals.
    • Access software downloads, plugins, or resources related to services.
  11. Security Settings:
    • Enable two-factor authentication.
    • Manage security preferences.
  12. Notifications and Announcements:
    • Receive important notifications and announcements from the hosting provider.
  13. API Access:
    • Obtain API keys for third-party integrations.
  14. Logout:
    • Log out of the client interface.

These functions may vary slightly depending on the specific configuration and customization implemented by the hosting provider. WHMCS is highly customizable, and hosting providers can tailor the client interface to meet their specific business needs. It’s also important to note that updates and new features may be introduced in newer versions of WHMCS, so users should refer to the official documentation of HZMFR or support resources like Knowledbase for the most up-to-date information.
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