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How do I add a user to a MySQL database?

Comprehensive Guide: Adding a User to a MySQL Database

Adding a user to a MySQL database involves a series of carefully executed steps. Follow this comprehensive guide for a detailed walkthrough:

  1. Login to cPanel: Initiate the process by logging into your cPanel account, ensuring a secure entry into your hosting environment. Use your designated credentials for access.
  2. Navigate to MySQL Databases: Once within cPanel, proceed to the “MySQL Databases” icon located under the “Databases” category. This specific icon grants access to the database management section, where you can administer user associations.
  3. Locate and Click “Add User To Database”: Within the MySQL Databases section, look for the “Add User To Database” heading. Click on this feature to initiate the process of associating a user with a database.
  4. Select User and Database: A new interface will present itself. Choose the user you wish to add to the database from the available options. Subsequently, select the specific database to which this user will be associated.
  5. Click “Add”: Execute the association by clicking the “Add” button. This action creates a linkage between the selected user and the designated database, initializing the setup for further configurations.
  6. Define Privileges: After successfully adding the user, define the privileges you want to grant within the chosen database. This step is crucial for determining the level of access and control the user will have. Typically, assigning “All privileges” is appropriate for most applications.
  7. Click “Make Changes”: To solidify the changes, click the “Make Changes” button. This confirmation step ensures that the user is successfully associated with the database with the specified privileges.

By meticulously following these detailed steps, you guarantee a thorough and secure process for adding a user to a MySQL database using the cPanel interface.