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Confirming if a Domain Name can be Transferred

There are various cases where a domain name may not be transferable to another registrar. This could happen in the following circumstances:

  1. Domain Age Less Than 60 Days:

    If the domain name you are attempting to transfer was registered within the last 60 days, the transfer request will be rejected by the Registry itself. This policy is in place to prevent hasty transfers of newly registered domain names. If you encounter this situation, it is advisable to contact your current registrar for more information on the specific rejection and guidance on how to proceed.

  2. Recent Domain Transfer:

    A domain name cannot be transferred to another registrar within 60 days of a previous transfer. For instance, if a domain name was recently transferred from Registrar A to Registrar B, it cannot be transferred from Registrar B to Registrar C within the subsequent 60 days. However, there is an exception to this rule: a transfer back to the previous registrar is allowed if both registrars agree or if directed by a decision in the dispute resolution process.

  3. Protection/Lock/Suspension Applied:

    If theft protection, lock, or suspension has been applied to your domain name at the current Registrar, attempting to transfer the domain to another Registrar will be disallowed. To proceed with the transfer, you must first disable theft protection, lock, or suspension for the domain name. This ensures the security features are removed, allowing for a smooth transfer process.

  4. Privacy Protection Enabled:

    If you have enabled privacy protection for your domain name, it must be disabled before initiating the transfer process. Privacy protection typically involves masking the registrant’s contact information in the publicly available WHOIS database. Disabling this feature ensures that accurate and unmasked information is available during and after the transfer.

  5. Redemption Grace Period or Pending Delete Status:

    A domain name in either the Redemption Grace Period or Pending Delete status is ineligible for transfer. The Redemption Grace Period is a stage following the expiration of a domain where it can still be redeemed by the original registrant, while the Pending Delete status indicates that the domain is scheduled for removal from the registry. During these statuses, transfers are restricted to prevent unauthorized or inadvertent transfers of expired or soon-to-be-deleted domain names.